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SureshotGPS 9500X Review

By on September 15, 2013

The SureshotGPS 9500X is a full function golf GPS with the following features:-

  • Aerial View with Zoom Facility
  • Greens and Hazards View
  • Green View
  • Backlit Colour Screen
  • Preloaded Courses
  • Auto Course Recognition
  • Hole Recognition
  • Distances to Front Center and Back of Green
  • Distances to Front and Back of Hazards
  • Distance to Selected Point
  • Shot Distance Recorder
  • Setting for Yard or Meters
  • Self Mapping Facility
  • Waterproof to XP16 Rating
  • Scorecard
  • Battery Charge Indicator
  • Battery life for 36 holds
  • Stylus on lanyard

It is a compact unit which is ruggedly constructed to handle the occasional knock and it is also waterproof.

Using the GPS

The GPS takes between 15-30 seconds to start and with the default Auto Course Recognition it will display the nearest 5 courses to your location. This makes it easy to find and select your course.

Once you have selected the first hole that you begin to play with, the Hole Recognition will automatically change as you go hole to hole.  However, if the next tee is less than 30 meters from the last green, it may not change as readily.  In this circumstance it is a bit cumbersome to move to the next hole. You have to go back to the very beginning to select the course and then select the hole.  A forward and backward button would be make it easier.

Sureshot GPS SS9500X Aerial View Sunlight 200The screen in bright sunlight can be easily read with a backlit screen with similar brightness and contrast to a mobile phone.

The Aerial View gives a photo representation of the course which accurately shows bunkers and hazards including distances to the front and back. This is  really handy to know so that you can select the right club to use to avoid them.

In the Aerial View you also get  an icon for the Green view with distances to the front, centre and back of the green.

Another good feature is that the Aerial View having the most detailed information also has good size numbers display, which allows me to easily read them. The numbers are in a bold font and approx 3 mm high.  Unfortunately, the lines between the bunkers/harzards and numbers are a bit more difficult to read.

Sureshot GPS SS9500X Greens adn Aerial View 200Alternatively you can use the Greens and Hazards view which is easier to read because it has a black background and the same size text.

Sureshot GPS SS9500X Stylus Distance to Point 200The unit comes with a  stylus for using the touch screen as the icons (for distance selection; zoom in zoom out etc) are quite small and difficult to select with your finger tips.   There is also a lanyard that connects the stylus to the GPS so it cannot be easily lost.

A feature allows you to point to anywhere on the  screen and it will show you the distance from to your current  position.   This useful when there is a dogleg in the hole you can determine how far to reach the corner and not go though the fairway.  Also from that point to the centre of the green is provided  allowing you to determine your best lay-up position.

The distances displayed were proven to be accurate on checking with a laser range finder and is set for meters as a default.  If you range your distances in yards there is a Settings change to display distances in yards.

Although anyone who plays competitions will score on a scorecard that needs to be signed by a marker. The GPS will allow you to score shots to the green and the number of putts


The SureshotGPS 9500X had all the facilities and functions as expected in a full function golf GPS.  The unit is ruggedly constructed providing adequate protection for the unit in normal use.  I found the interface was straight forwards although sometimes more cumbersome than it should be as when manually selecting the next hole.

All in all worth your evaluation if you are looking for a full function Golf GPS.

For more details on this and other SureshotGPS units visit SureshotGPS


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