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Golf Balls for Women From Bridgestone / Precept

By on May 4, 2013

Precept Lady IQ+

Bridgestone was one of the first manufacturers to bring out a ball catered for the women golfer. The first ball was called Precept Lady.

The latest Precept Lady IQ+ ball is suited for those with a slower swing speed. It has a compression of approximately 43, and a softer cover for a better feel and control.

“Bridgestone has fit thousands of women golfers over the past 4 years through our Ball Fitting Challenge,” said Bridgestone Golf’s Director of Marketing – Brandon Sowell. “Based on the fitting data we collected, we found that the vast majority of female players were playing a ball that was too firm.”

As a result, Bridgestone produced its softest Precept ball ever. A new larger core in the Lady iQ+ provides increased distance for female players with moderate swing speeds and reduced sidespin for a straighter, more accurate ball-flight. The soft core also utilizes Bridgestone’s patented Gradational Compression Technology to increase distance by allowing for greater ball deformation at impact.

“In the new Lady iQ+ we made our flagship women’s product even softer while increasing the size of the core giving the engine of the golf ball more power than ever before,” said Sowell. “The yardage gains female players will see should allow them to score better and ultimately make the game more enjoyable.”

In addition to increased distance from the core, the Lady iQ+ new cover is 4% softer than previous models enhancing feel and increasing greenside spin. The cover also features Bridgestone’s popular 330-dimple design with Seamless Cover Technology™ – providing a consistently higher trajectory and more carry than current models.

According to Sowell, “while we focused on ball performance from the core and cover, we know female golfers have come to expect fashionable performance from the Precept line. Continuing that tradition, the pearlescent finish and the 3 color choices are fashionable compliments to the new ball’s top-notch performance.”

Offered in White, Pearl Clear and Pearl Pink, female golfers will have the flexibility to choose a Lady iQ+ color that fits their eye and suits their style. Sales of current Precept pink balls nearly eclipsed sales of the brand’s white balls this year for the first time in company history. Perhaps the most iconic user of the pink ball is Bridgestone ambassador Paula Creamer, whose championship performance on the LPGA TOUR has increased the popularity of the pink ball.

Laddie Balls


For the stronger hitters who need a medium compression ball try the Laddie X with a compression of approx 70.

The Laddie was initially for the slower swing male golfer who required a lower compression ball but would not play with a “ladies” ball.

The Laddie Xtreme generates higher initial velocity than the original Laddie, resulting in a “HOT” launch off the driver and faster elevation for greater carry. This is due to the new, larger Pumped-Up Muscle-Fiber Core.

Bridgestone TOUR B330-RX


For the better player who wants the ultimate in control and feel, try Bridgestone’s B330-RX, a premium multipiece ball with tour performance. Tour Performance optimized for amateur swing speeds under 105 mph with a preference for maximum TOUR DISTANCE.

  • The RX is designed for players who prefer maximum Tour distance & accuracy.
  • Soft gradational compression core for longer and straighter distance
  • Re-engineered mantle for reduced spin and greater accuracy
  • Tour proven Urethane cover for excellent green-side control
  • 330 dual dimple technology for a consistent flight
  • Also available in Optic Yellow for enhanced visibility



These newer multilayered style Golf Balls are proving very popular with Amateurs and a number of LPGA Professionals looking to maximise their game. LPGA Tour Pros such as Karrie Webb and Paula Creamer both play Bridgestone Golf’s B330 RX, the first ever Tour Performance Golf Ball designed for Amateur swing speeds

To find out what ball is most suitable for your game check out the Bridgestone Golf Ball Selection Guide.

For other information on the Bridgestone / Precept golf ball range visit

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