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By on June 2, 2013

Improve Your Golf Swing

Tiffany demonstrates a simple drill to warm up allowing you to get you started quickly on the golf course and hopefully save some shots in your round.

Do you know an incorrect grip can cause you to slice or pull your shots. Over time you grip may have changed. Review your grip with Tiffany’s video and you my find a change may improve your game.

If you slice the ball you tend to lose distance. One of the main causes of the slice is coming over the top. Jim and Karen characterise the typical over the top swing and demonstrate some drills that will enable your body learn the correct moves in your swing.

Tiffany explains how to use a practice swing to prepare for your shot. Practice this and improve your game.

Now for a different approach, listen to Jamie go through fundamentals of Posture, Alignment and Grip.

Wendy Berger has a couple more tips from comments you may receive out on the course. Examine your swing and see if you are making these common errors.

Cathy will help you get rid of the sway and slide out of your golf swing, allowing you to maximise your power and consistency.

The golf swing starts from the feet up and proper positioning of the feet as shown by Links for Women instructor, Annie, who shares her insight on balance and proper set up.

One of the big differences between practicing on the range and playing on the course is that the fairways are not flat and in some cases are very undulating. Knowing how to set up on these different lies will bring confidence to your game.

This video provides some tips about the uphill lie. Simple set up adjustments that will allow you to play this shot as easy as a flat lie.

Next on the video series on sloping lies is when the ball is above your feet.

This is the most difficult of the sloping lies, the downhill lie. It is easy to hit the ball thin as we try to get it in the air. The fundamentals shown in this video will take the fear out of this shot.

Lisa has this simple message in this video. Swing within yourself.

Lisa demonstrated the proper set up to allow you to swing correctly.

Sometimes it is the timing or rhythm of your swing which is out of kilter. Here is a method of getting your rhythm back.

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