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Hitting Off Different Lies

By on June 2, 2013

The dreaded rough! Wet weather can result in heavier rough around the fairways and it is sometimes longer as it is too wet to be cut. Try Wendy’s tips to get the ball out of the rough and remove the dread out of the rough.

The following series from the IMG Leadbetter Golf Academy will show you how to master the sloping lies. The first is the side hill lie with the ball below our feet. It is easy to top the ball and it usually induces a slice. See how you can get better control of this shot.

This provides some tips about the uphill lie. Simple set up adjustments that will allow you to play this shot as easy as a flat lie.

The side hill lie where the ball is above our feet will create the
tendency to hook the ball and hit it fat. Implement these simple set up changes and you will develop confidence in hitting the ball where you want it to go.

This is the most difficult of the sloping lies, the downhill lie. It is easy to hit the ball thin as we try to get it in the air. The fundamentals shown in this video will take the fear out of this shot and help your game.

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