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Chipping Around the Green

By on June 2, 2013

Tiffany presents another drill to help you with your chipping. This time it is practicing chipping over obstacles. It also allows you to chip higher and with less roll. Practice this and play a better game.

Tiffany demonstrates a chipping drill with a goal to focus on in your practice. You do not have to be at the golf course of range. Practice this in your back yard or inside on the carpet to improve the direction or your chips.

Chipping effectively around the green can save strokes off your round. Tiffany is back with a chipping drill to improve your technique and consistency in your chip.

Many people only use their pitching wedge to chip with which can come up short on long chips. Try your 8 iron and other longer clubs when you have more distance or when the chipping uphill on the green. Here Paige demonstrates how to use the 8 iron to chip.

This video is the first of a series form Paige Gilbert provides an understanding of the chip shot.

Paige explains the common faults and provides tips to correct them that will give you confidence in your chipping.

Chipping with Gillian Rae.

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