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Women Professionals

By on May 29, 2013

Coaching from a woman’s view

Loraine Lambert turned pro in 1994, having spent 12 seasons on Tour, she is an accomplished player winning the French Open in 1997. Loraine has joined forces with Lisa Newling coaching at Sapphire Coast Golf School situated in the beautiful south coast of NSW.

Lisa Newling’s view is that there is more than one way to swing a golf club, and golf does not need to be complicated. Her coaching style can help you improve your game regardless of your size, strength, age or gender.

Successful tour player and highly recognised patron of women’s golf, Dennise Hutton can show you how to bring out the best in your game. Dennise teaches at Barton Park, Cullen and Barden Ridge Golf Range in the South West of Sydney.

Nicola Moult’s golfing philosophy is holistic in its approach addressing all areas of the game and all areas of the individual. Nicola teaches at Riverside Golf and Tennis Centre, Victoria.

Gillian Rae specialises in all levels of golf tuition, from beginners to professional, juniors, corporate, and playing lessons. Gillian teaches at Paradise Golf Driving Range and Moore Park Golf Club.

Learn from Sally Stringer (Nee Stringer), one of the “rare” female P.G.A. trained Golf Professionals in Australia. Sally is one of the golf pros at Roseville Golf Club.

Lee Harrington and her husband Peter, combined 25 years experience in playing and teaching golf, are heading the Golf School (Carrara Gardens Golf Course and Driving Range, Qld) team, offering a personalised, accredited golf program that is proven on tour and in the amateur ranks.

After deciding that teaching golf was her highest priority, Kylie Moulds is now teaching at Marrickville Golf Club with Chris Miller. Talk to Kylie about her simplified approach to coaching.

Nadine Gole describes the game of golf and how it parallels life. This carries through in her teaching to make you a better and happier golfer. Nadine is located in Melbourne’s famous Sandbelt area.

A highly experienced player and teacher, Karen Permezel is situated in Brisbane. She will work with your unique ability and skills in setting goals for your game.

For those of you in the Brisbane and Redcliffe area Carmen Savy can put more savy in your game.

After success on the European tour and raising two lovely children Anne Rollo will help you with your success on the golf course. Anne teaches with her brother Peter at Muirfield Golf Club in Sydney’s North West.

Shuri Yasuda-Hines (ALPG) can teach you how to improve your game. Shuri teaches at Hudson Park golf centre, Gordon Golf Club and Penrith Panthers Driving range in Sydneys West.

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