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By on May 30, 2013

Your Mental Approach is the key to peak performance and your success.

We are pleased to present Glen Pattison, a regular columnist for a number of national and international magazines and newspapers including Australian Golf Digest, with close to one million readers each month.

Author of The Unbeatable Advantage, Glen is Australia’s leading Performance Coach, working with businesses, elite athletes and individuals on techniques to improve their mental and physical performance.

Make your next game your best game

Working with some of our best Olympic athletes and elite sports people it becomes clear just how important preparation is to their success. It’s not just about what they do on the day that counts. In fact, a great part of their success lies in their well-executed and thought out preparation, both mentally and physically.

As part of the crowd we only see them compete, and rarely consider just how crucial the right kind of preparation is to their success.

Do you think that if our Olympic swimming team had a big night out before a major international meet, skipped breakfast and arrived at the pool late that they’d be in contention for a gold medal? Absolutely not.

And it’s the same with your golfing performance. It’s not just about turning up and hoping that you play well. You can do a lot to improve your game and your enjoyment of it by making the most of your preparation. Let me explain what I mean.

I was coaching a client who had gone from playing off 10 and loving his game, to playing terribly and hating the game. He was frustrated with himself, and was ready to sell his clubs and take up another sport.

As part of our coaching, I asked him to tell me a little about how he prepared for a great round. He looked at me as if to say “preparation – what do you mean by preparation?”. So we took a look at what he had been doing recently.

He was running his own business and working close to 60 hours each week. He would work back late on Fridays, and spend a great deal of the evening doing book work. He’d then catch up with his friends for a few drinks. On his way home he would pick up some take-away, and inevitably go to bed on a full stomach.

Now, as you can imagine, Saturday mornings didn’t see him jumping out of bed full of energy or enthusiasm. In fact, it was a struggle for him to get up. He would hit the snooze button three or four times, with only enough time to throw on his clothes and rush out the door.

He didn’t allow any time for a healthy breakfast, or a chance to organise for the day ahead. He would speed the whole way there, park illegally and have to run to the first hole to make sure he didn’t miss tee off.

As you can imagine, by the time he made it to the course he was mentally and physically wrecked. And he was wondering why he wasn’t playing so well.

So here are some simple yet effective tips on how to improve your performance by making the most of your preparation :

  • avoid too much alcohol and eating late at night;
  • make sure you get enough rest the night before (between six and eight hours);
  • allow enough time for a great breakfast – include some cereal, toast, fresh juice, and fruit;
  • allow enough time to organise yourself – know where your keys, wallet, sunglasses and other essentials are;
  • check your bag and pack the car the night before – include a hat and some sunscreen, and even wet weather gear;
  • you might also want to include some healthy food to snack on to keep your energy up for the whole game;
  • be sure to include some water – playing while you are dehydrated only makes your game more difficult and you’ll run out of energy sooner;
  • listen to your favourite music in the car – it might be relaxing and soothing or something to pump you up;
  • leave home with enough time to arrive calmly before tee-off;
  • have a good stretch and take the time to warm up before you tee off;
  • arrange to play with a group you like – this alone can make or break your game.

I’m sure you will be able to add your own thoughts to this list.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you keep doing more of the same, you will get more of the same. If your preparation, both mentally and physically is not that great, then you can’t expect a good result from your game. However, make the necessary changes and you can expect to see the results because what you do before a game is crucial in how well you perform.

The Unbeatable Advantage

The coaching system for success in your personal, business and sporting life.

Glen Pattison is a leading coach in the area of peak performance. He works with a number of top-performing corporations and athletes on success strategies that make a difference.

The Unbeatable Advantage has been developed to help you direct your life and get the results you want. You will be equipped with the tools and techniques to peak perform in your personal, business and sporting life.

The system emphasises the importance of achieving balance across eight major areas of your life : health and fitness, goal setting, communication, leadership, relationships, time management, financial management and stress management.

In The Unbeatable Advantage you will discover how to :

  • pinpoint exactly where you are today and the direction your life is taking;
  • determine what is holding you back from enjoying even greater levels of success and happiness;
  • create a winning attitude by controlling your beliefs, focus and physiology;
  • achieve success by balancing and fine-tuning your life;
  • develop a positive mental attitude in under one minute;
  • and remove your mental blocks to success.

Glen Pattison

Performance Coach – Speaker – Author

Glen is a Master Practitioner of Hypnosis, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), and Time Line Therapy™, and a Personal Fitness Trainer.

Through his seminars and consultations Glen has worked throughout Australia, England, France and Germany with corporations such as Ford, Colonial State Bank, McDonald’s, NutriMetics and Prudential.

Author of ‘The Unbeatable Advantage’, and a regular columnist for Australian Golf Digest. Glen works with sportspeople and businesses on techniques to improve their mental and physical performance.

For more details log on to his web site

Contact Glen on (02) 9979 2752 or e-mail


Nici Andronicus, Champion triathlete
“I always believed that hard training and the proverbial blood, sweat and tears would make me a winner. Having spent some time with Glen I now realise that there is so much more to preparation for my best sporting performance, and that I have the potential to achieve so much more. Glen’s program for peak performance gives me the tools to achieve my optimum performance in every aspect of my life”.

Liane Fenwick, 1996 Atlanta Olympian
“As captain of the Australian Women’s Volleyball team and a member of the 1996 Olympic Beach Volley ball squad I have worked with a number of sports psychologists and their methods are not as quick, effective or user-friendly as Glen’s performance techniques. Working with Glen has opened a whole new world in terms of maximising my performance in competition – nothing comes close!”

Sean Kenny, Australian Ironman Champion
“The Unbeatable Advantage is an innovative and modern approach to improving performance, and the principles are simple, effective and easy to understand …. the drum analogy is universal and brilliant! As a coach I purposely express some of the principals of The Unbeatable Advantage to my athletes. In a sporting world the difference between first and last is often measured within one second, the one secret weapon left to an athlete is the power of the mind – Glen has developed the closest thing I’ve seen to an instruction book for life!”

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