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By on May 29, 2013

Kylie Moulds has joined the WomenInGolf team to help add to your enjoyment of the game with her fist article on Consistent Contact.

She also runs Junior Girls clinics, a great way to start your daughter in golf and also has On Course tuition to take you to the next level in your game.

More Consistent Contact

For many golfers the most frustrating aspect of golf is just getting the ball consistently airborne. To hit the ball in the air, a player must hit the bottom of the ball that sits on the grass, and not the top of the ball. There are a number of reasons that a player will hit only the top of the ball.

The first check you need to make is your address position. To consistently make good contact with the golf ball, you need to address the ball in the correct manner. It is important that when you make your bend down to the ball, it comes from the top of your legs at your hips. Often a player will make this bend from the waist or by over bending at the knees. The result is an address position that is quite uncomfortable to hold for a length of time.

What happens next is often the reason the ball is topped. When making the backswing a player will either straighten at the waist or knees; resulting in contact with only the top of the ball. These awkward address positions can also put your lower back, hips and knees under considerable unnecessary strain.

To improve your address posture try this. Stand with the hitting end of a club in one hand and rest it on the back of your head. The shaft of the club should now be hanging against your back and the grip end of the club should be pointing at the ground. Place your other hand on the grip end, and hold it against the bottom of you spine. The club should now be against your back and secure at both your head and the base of your spine. Try bending forward and keeping contact with both ends of the club. It may be difficult at first, but it will become easier with practice.

Now try to address the ball with the same straight back. You will notice that you need to bend at the top of your legs to maintain the straightness of your spine. Your head should move a little forward. Allow your knees to flex a little. You have now created an address position that, with a little practice is easier to maintain throughout the duration of your golf swing. On a sunny day check your shadow, it will give you a clear indication of the straightness of your spine. Remember that if you have any pre existing injuries, or this posture creates pain in any part of your body, wait to talk to a PGA Golf Professional before you try it.

This is a better way to address the ball; the benefits are twofold. Not only are you creating a better posture that will begin to eliminate topped shots, you are also protecting your spine by maintaining its normal shape.

Good luck…..

Junior Girls Golf

At Bonnie Doon Golf Club each Saturday, we have a junior program for both boys and girls, age 6 to 17. All juniors are welcome to come along and play golf with us. We have a program for all ages and skill levels. Our participants are divided into three groups; cubs, bears and tigers. We are one of only a select few, who offer both a male and female PGA Professional coach. The number of girls attending is growing each week.

Each school holidays we conduct junior camps, where players can further their golf knowledge. We take all players on to the golf course so they experience real golf. Class sizes are restricted to ensure that safety is our paramount priority.

Along with PGA trainee Kevin Kenny, we deliver a junior program, designed specifically for kids. Our program allows all players to have fun whilst improving their golf skills in a safe and challenging environment.

On Course Tuition

PGA Professional Kylie Moulds, offers on course lessons for all golfers. All players are invited to join Kylie as she walks Bonnie Doon Golf course and offers you advice on club selection, difficult lies and strategy. Cost of the day covers all tuition and green fees. Classes can be conducted midweek and weekends at a variety of different golf course in the Sydney metro area. Kylie also conducts private lessons and group classes for all skill levels.

For more information please contact Kylie Moulds on 0413 025 221 or email her at

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